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What’s in a definition?

The following word clouds have been created using definitions and narrative within online Wikipedia definitions. Even within the context of quite dry, descriptive terms of how the world understands: youth: adolescence; and adult, these represent key differences in what may be seen as important about these life stages. The term ‘adolescence’ is perhaps more emotive […]

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DfE’s ‘Positive for Youth’ Have your Say

The Department for Education is currently seeking comments on a number of draft discussion papers relating to young people’s participation in society and how they can best be supported through policy. These papers appear to cover a wide range of issues, from young people’s role in society, through to learning and work, including their involvement […]

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Youth represent!

Ah, how the representation of youth has changed. Walking in my neighbourhood this morning I came across this issue of ‘Valentine’ in a vintage shop window. I was struck (and amused) by this comforting image of good clean fun. A well-groomed and responsible girl who looks like she has been to finishing school and fantastic […]

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