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Put yourself in a young person’s shoes: how ethnography can add depth to your research project

Adding an edge to your work through ethnography I am often asked how to get behind young people’s attitudes and motivations to highlight those ‘sticky bits’ that can make or break a perception of a product or service. The best way to do this is to literally put yourself in their position. Focus groups can […]

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Why Does Face-to-Face Research Matter?

So why does face-to-face research matter? In the current environment of mobile surveying and social media listening, quick research is perhaps becoming easier and more accessible for smaller companies and brands alike. However, it is sometimes easy to discount the value of involving people in direct face-to-face discussions, to really get a feel for their […]

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Gen X, Millennials…Trends versus People

Do you have a product or service that you want to ‘sell in’ to young people? There are a lot of¬†data and additional trend insights out there about what each generation of young person is thinking about –¬†especially Generation X and Millennials – what they are interested in and how this is changing as they […]

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Draw me a picture, show me your life

A common dilemma faced by (especially qualitative) researchers is how to further develop their approaches to ‘meaningful’ interaction with research participants. This is about introducing methodologies that garner richer data and insight about how individuals think and feel about certain subjects or experiences. Creative work is usually seen as a powerful way to add value […]

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Are you involving the right young people in the right way?

At the National Children’s Bureau (NCB) conference last week on involving children and young people in policy research, a common theme was how to go about this in a way that is enjoyable and meaningful for them. Many charities and other voluntary organisations are concerned about being tokenistic in their approach – especially of involving […]

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