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All Hail Mhairi Black: The 20 year old who’s conquering the world

Mhairi black is only 20. she’s the youngest mp in the house of commons and she’s re-writing the rule book on what youth are capable of… Yesterday, she delivered her maiden speech and showed everyone how it’s done, demonstrating how her age group can be eloquent, articulate and above all, steely in determination. Regardless of your […]

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Let’s support 16 & 17 year olds, protect the vulnerable

Let’s support 16 & 17 year olds, petition to protect the vulnerable. We’ve all heard the argument about how 16 year olds are considered old enough to smoke, but not old enough to vote.  We are gatekeepers for children and young people – of course, this has to be the case, to ensure they are protected where appropriate. […]

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Modern Times Making you Anxious? Spare a Thought for Teenagers

Imagine you are a teenager today, trying to work out what to do with your life. Parents and friends are asking you “what do you want to do?”, “who do you want to be?”. You want to find work that you will enjoy and also generates a decent income… But consider this: -University may not an option because […]

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One Statistic = EMA’s Demise

Another day, another research figure tweaked and/or misinterpreted… So, the education select committee has stated that the decision to scrap the Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA) was perhaps a bit rushed!! Interestingly, a key statistic is again at the heart of this argument. The suggested 90% of students who would have studied anyway was Michael Gove’s […]

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DfE’s ‘Positive for Youth’ Have your Say

The Department for Education is currently seeking comments on a number of draft discussion papers relating to young people’s participation in society and how they can best be supported through policy. These papers appear to cover a wide range of issues, from young people’s role in society, through to learning and work, including their involvement […]

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