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#SpeakUp4Youth Tues 8-9pm

Best Careers Advice Ever? #SpeakUp4Youth

Best careers advice ever? #SpeakUp4Youth This was one of the main questions debated at last week’s #SpeakUp4Youth hashtag hour… What is #SpeakUp4Youth? It’s a Twitter hashtag hour that takes place every TUESDAY 8-9pm, that aims to provide a space to debate issues affecting young people, as well as discuss good practice in researching this age group. Participants […]

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Fancy a vocational course? don’t bother

At least that is the message that is apparently due to emerge from a forthcoming report by Professor Alison Wolf, who has been asked by Michael Gove to ‘investigate how practical education can be improved’. This review has concluded that over 167,000 young people in England are studying vocational courses that will not result in […]

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Did school affect who you are?

Starting a new school can be a frightening prospect for any teenager. It can mean being in new and different situations, pressure to make new friends and a conscious drive to avoid being bullied. Of course all these factors are very difficult to control and we’ve all been there, some of us being more successful […]

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