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Vocational Courses Still Aren’t Valued…Why?

Vocational Courses Still Aren’t Valued…Why? Vocational courses still aren’t valued…why? When I was at school, teachers were always focussed on directing students towards the ‘right’ options for GCSE and A-Level. Specifically, the onus was on ‘academic’ courses such as the Sciences, Maths, History etc. We were left in no doubt that these were the credible […]

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The answer to no jobs? More apprenticeships of course!

Employment Minister Chris Grayling has reacted to yesterday’s news of the increase in youth unemployment. He has a great solution to the lack of jobs for our next generation of workers and that is ‘increasing the number of apprenticeships and work experience opportunities’ (Children & Young People Now, 13th April 2011). A few weeks ago […]

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