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Put yourself in a young person’s shoes: how ethnography can add depth to your research project

Adding an edge to your work through ethnography I am often asked how to get behind young people’s attitudes and motivations to highlight those ‘sticky bits’ that can make or break a perception of a product or service. The best way to do this is to literally put yourself in their position. Focus groups can […]

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#SpeakUp4Youth Tues 8-9pm

Best Careers Advice Ever? #SpeakUp4Youth

Best careers advice ever? #SpeakUp4Youth This was one of the main questions debated at last week’s #SpeakUp4Youth hashtag hour… What is #SpeakUp4Youth? It’s a Twitter hashtag hour that takes place every TUESDAY 8-9pm, that aims to provide a space to debate issues affecting young people, as well as discuss good practice in researching this age group. Participants […]

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Vocational courses

Vocational Courses Still Aren’t Valued…Why?

Vocational Courses Still Aren’t Valued…Why? Vocational courses still aren’t valued…why? When I was at school, teachers were always focussed on directing students towards the ‘right’ options for GCSE and A-Level. Specifically, the onus was on ‘academic’ courses such as the Sciences, Maths, History etc. We were left in no doubt that these were the credible […]

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How enterprising are YOU? Can you help youth develop the same skills?

How enterprising are YOU? Can you help youth develop the same skills? How would you respond to this question? What do you think being ‘enterprising’ actually means? And no, I’m not talking simply about being entrepreneurial and starting your own business. This is about being resilient and adapting to changes. It also involves being confident […]

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Modern Times Making you Anxious? Spare a Thought for Teenagers

Imagine you are a teenager today, trying to work out what to do with your life. Parents and friends are asking you “what do you want to do?”, “who do you want to be?”. You want to find work that you will enjoy and also generates a decent income… But consider this: -University may not an option because […]

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