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#SpeakUp4Youth Tues 8-9pm

Best Careers Advice Ever? #SpeakUp4Youth

Best careers advice ever? #SpeakUp4Youth This was one of the main questions debated at last week’s #SpeakUp4Youth hashtag hour… What is #SpeakUp4Youth? It’s a Twitter hashtag hour that takes place every TUESDAY 8-9pm, that aims to provide a space to debate issues affecting young people, as well as discuss good practice in researching this age group. Participants […]

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JCI Bradford

The ‘Success Illusion’ – Helping Youth Overcome Setbacks

The ‘Success Illusion’ – Helping Youth Overcome Setbacks I recently ran a workshop in partnership with author and coach David Shindler on ‘Igniting Your Potential’. We delivered this for members of JCI Bradford (network of young leaders and entrepreneurs), to help them to understand how they have motivated themselves and accomplished their goals in their past and […]

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Vocational courses

Vocational Courses Still Aren’t Valued…Why?

Vocational Courses Still Aren’t Valued…Why? Vocational courses still aren’t valued…why? When I was at school, teachers were always focussed on directing students towards the ‘right’ options for GCSE and A-Level. Specifically, the onus was on ‘academic’ courses such as the Sciences, Maths, History etc. We were left in no doubt that these were the credible […]

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Librarian or RAF Fighter Pilot?

When I was at school, careers guidance mainly consisted of us being presented with a (very old) computer that asked us fairly random questions about what things in life we enjoyed and then churned out an equally bizarre list of options for a future career. My friends and I were very confused as to how […]

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One Statistic = EMA’s Demise

Another day, another research figure tweaked and/or misinterpreted… So, the education select committee has stated that the decision to scrap the Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA) was perhaps a bit rushed!! Interestingly, a key statistic is again at the heart of this argument. The suggested 90% of students who would have studied anyway was Michael Gove’s […]

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The answer to no jobs? More apprenticeships of course!

Employment Minister Chris Grayling has reacted to yesterday’s news of the increase in youth unemployment. He has a great solution to the lack of jobs for our next generation of workers and that is ‘increasing the number of apprenticeships and work experience opportunities’ (Children & Young People Now, 13th April 2011). A few weeks ago […]

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