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Did school affect who you are?

Starting a new school can be a frightening prospect for any teenager. It can mean being in new and different situations, pressure to make new friends and a conscious drive to avoid being bullied. Of course all these factors are very difficult to control and we’ve all been there, some of us being more successful […]

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Is your research to scale?

Educational research can be conducted at a number of different levels and this can create some difficult dilemmas. When researchers look at people’s access to education, a good way to go about it is by considering how their local geographies may be impacting on the choices they have (I have already been on my soap […]

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Education as a ‘space’

As part of my Phd in human geography, I am currently looking at how education as a space can influence young people’s experiences and outcomes. A principle part of human geography is social geography – mainly the interactions across and inside social groups, within the context of space and the  ‘spatial expression of social processes’. […]

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