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Youth – Express yourselves in music, wield that power

Where is all the angry, raw, edgy music? This is a common discussion in my house. The Who’s headline set at Glastonbury last night reminded us that ¬†a whole generation of disenfranchised young people were given a voice, by four teenagers who were sick of being treated like second class citizens…and we are still listening to them now. Their lyrics still carry meaning and a sense of urgency.

BBC 6 Music Maximum R&B: the birth of The Who

Of course, not everyone will agree with me on this as there are many different music movements out there, many being spearheaded by teenagers. My issue here is that many of us do not get to hear this music as it never becomes mainstream…record companies do not appear to be signing these bands and giving them the platforms they need.

These days have gone, but youth can still make a difference

These days have gone, but youth can still make a difference

Pete Townshend has been vocal about his choice to respond to feeling misunderstood and lacking in control over his life when he was younger. He felt there needed to be a response that demonstrated that youth have something to say. They do matter. 50 years on and we appear to be on a similar situation, with quite a lot of dissatisfaction with life and a real sense of a lack of opportunity for our young people.

Music is a great form for expressing opinion, for creating an outlet for feelings and perhaps most importantly…being heard. Townshend has also stated that he was afraid he would get arrested for being so outspoken about his generation. But he did it anyway.

This is why arts-based projects are so important. Young people are able to gain confidence by learning new skills, such as DJ’ing, producing, acting etc, but are also given permission to tell us how they are feeling. When we are anxious or worried, we are always told that it’s good to talk about your feelings – to get them out of the open and into the conscious part of your mind. So why aren’t we encouraging more young people to do the same?

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4 Responses to Youth – Express yourselves in music, wield that power

  1. Michel J. Boustani 7th July 2015 at 11:28 am #

    Great reminder of these things that really mattered and still do for young but also for grown up generations. I still remember when the first time I heard the first song of the Who…
    We walked with these groups during our teen age, during these moments where everything seems wrong to us, and where we needed to speak out loud about it… I still do the same today as I find lots of things aren’t going that well …

    • 4dblogging 7th July 2015 at 1:41 pm #

      Great – I’m glad it resonated with you Michel!

      • Michel J. Boustani 7th July 2015 at 1:47 pm #

        I feel and think these days made us whom we are today. Unfortunately it also coincided with these major events that negatively impacted our generations: cold war, Vietnam, third world lack of stability, and so much more. The systems in place made certain to get us back into the ranks. Let us hope and work so our future adults don’t have to live again and again this “conformity> into a world that doesn’t speak to them anymore!

      • Michel J. Boustani 7th July 2015 at 1:48 pm #

        Thank you for bringing such subjects …

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