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Standing Up for the Youth NEETs

Standing up for the youth NEETs should be a core part of what we do in society.

These young people feel ignored, as they have fallen through the system. Without real, prospective employment, education or training options, they are left to feel disenfranchised and even resentful of the world in which we live.

This group are notoriously hard to identify and engage in activities, including research to find out what factors have contributed to their situation. Unfortunately, they are often branded as lazy, feckless and even ‘shameful’.

We need to be better at reaching out to these individuals and showing them constructive encouragement and support. Low levels of self-esteem can become a big issue and lack of activity can start to affect their mental health.

Further to this, new research suggests that wider groups of young people are also starting to believe the negative press about their age group and associations with being ‘selfish’ and ‘ungrateful’.

Sadly, the above article suggests that youth can in turn develop stronger feelings of anger and oppression. This is not helpful.

Please add to this debate by commenting below.

– Do you believe young people need more support in getting out of the NEET trap?

– How can we achieve this? 

– Is there anything else we can do to help them feel more deserving of their own successes?


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