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Top 10 Things I’ve Learned About Grief

Top 10 things I’ve learned about grief

This is an open letter, a list for all young people who may have been affected by a bereavement. I wanted to use my own reflections for this. I passionately believe that we should be supporting them more through this process. It is important that they understand that they may feel an array of emotions and that this is ok.

Top10 things I've learned about grief

So here is my list. Please feel free to comment and add any other points from your own experiences:

1. Losing someone is like having the rug pulled out from underneath your feet

2. Friends and family stop asking you how you are – earlier than you would think

3. Grieving is a very lonely experience – you think you are only person with these difficult feelings…that can feel very overwhelming

4. You will start to see it as an inconvenience, something you want to shake off  Рif only

5. A lack of opportunity to talk about it uncovers some deep resentments about life

6. You learn a great deal about yourself – your personality, your weaknesses and strengths that you never knew you had and then you start talking

7. You realise that actually you have amazing friends and family if you open up to them

8. The person you are grieving for wants you to live your life

9. One day, you will look back and realise that you are moving out of the shadow this has created 

10. LIFE GOES ON…it won’t wait for you. JUST LIVE.

Interested in young people and grief? Please check out my earlier post that highlights the amazing work of the charity Fixers.

A whole lot of grief – helping youth get through it.


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