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I think young people are great

I think young people are great…


…and here’s why:

1. They aren’t as cynical as us

2. They are generally more positive and trusting in others

3. They are willing to offer society more than it can give them back (this is KEY)

4. They want to understand how the world works, with all its complexities and nuances

5. Their expectations are actually quite minimal, not including a right to work and live comfortably

6. They just want a good start in lifeĀ 

7. They just want to live…


Don’t fence them in!

Do you agree with this? Think I’m wrong? Why not take part in my Twitter hashtag hour: #SpeakUp4Youth – every Tuesday 8-9pm GMT – to put across your views about youth.

#SpeakUp4Youth Tues 8-9pm

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