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About The 4D Youth Matter Blog

Welcome to the 4D Youth Matter Blog. This Blog is intended to generate debate about young people and their lives today. It is a positive space, for talking about how we can improve their aspirations and life chances within difficult economic and social times. Please do feel free to contribute to discussions, as every opinion […]

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youth and bus

Put yourself in a young person’s shoes: how ethnography can add depth to your research project

Adding an edge to your work through ethnography I am often asked how to get behind young people’s attitudes and motivations to highlight those ‘sticky bits’ that can make or break a perception of a product or service. The best way to do this is to literally put yourself in their position. Focus groups can […]

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5 ways to boost young people's involvement in your project

5 Ways to Boost Interest & Engagement In Your Youth Research Project

Getting young people interested… Have you ever designed a research project and then been disappointed with the response rate? It’s not always easy to encourage interest in what you are doing. In general, any attempt to involve people in focus groups or surveys are usually competing against a multitude of other distractions. In my experience […]

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#SpeakUp4Youth Tues 8-9pm

Best Careers Advice Ever? #SpeakUp4Youth

Best careers advice ever? #SpeakUp4Youth This was one of the main questions debated at last week’s #SpeakUp4Youth hashtag hour… What is #SpeakUp4Youth? It’s a Twitter hashtag hour that takes place every TUESDAY 8-9pm, that aims to provide a space to debate issues affecting young people, as well as discuss good practice in researching this age group. Participants […]

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Boost interest

Helping Youth Empower Themselves – Striving for a ‘Job’

Helping Youth Empower Themselves – Striving for a ‘Job’ How do we help youth to overcome obstacles? Surely, the best way to do this is to help them empower themselves. I was lucky enough to be invited to the recent conference for the Talent Match programme for Leeds City Region (work programme for the long-term […]

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JCI Bradford

The ‘Success Illusion’ – Helping Youth Overcome Setbacks

The ‘Success Illusion’ – Helping Youth Overcome Setbacks I recently ran a workshop in partnership with author and coach David Shindler on ‘Igniting Your Potential’. We delivered this for members of JCI Bradford (network of young leaders and entrepreneurs), to help them to understand how they have motivated themselves and accomplished their goals in their past and […]

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