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Vocational Courses Still Aren’t Valued…Why?

Vocational Courses Still Aren’t Valued…Why? Vocational courses still aren’t valued…why? When I was at school, teachers were always focussed on directing students towards the ‘right’ options for GCSE and A-Level. Specifically, the onus was on ‘academic’ courses such as the Sciences, Maths, History etc. We were left in no doubt that these were the credible […]

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About The 4D Youth Matter Blog

Welcome to the 4D Youth Matter Blog. This Blog is intended to generate debate about young people and their lives today. It is a positive space, for talking about how we can improve their aspirations and life chances within difficult economic and social times. Please do feel free to contribute to discussions, as every opinion […]

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Why Does Face-to-Face Research Matter?

So why does face-to-face research matter? In the current environment of mobile surveying and social media listening, quick research is perhaps becoming easier and more accessible for smaller companies and brands alike. However, it is sometimes easy to discount the value of involving people in direct face-to-face discussions, to really get a feel for their […]

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youth + confidence

All Hail Mhairi Black: The 20 year old who’s conquering the world

Mhairi black is only 20. she’s the youngest mp in the house of commons and she’s re-writing the rule book on what youth are capable of… Yesterday, she delivered her maiden speech and showed everyone how it’s done, demonstrating how her age group can be eloquent, articulate and above all, steely in determination. Regardless of your […]

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Youth – Express yourselves in music, wield that power

Where is all the angry, raw, edgy music? This is a common discussion in my house. The Who’s headline set at Glastonbury last night reminded us that  a whole generation of disenfranchised young people were given a voice, by four teenagers who were sick of being treated like second class citizens…and we are still listening […]

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Let’s support 16 & 17 year olds, protect the vulnerable

Let’s support 16 & 17 year olds, petition to protect the vulnerable. We’ve all heard the argument about how 16 year olds are considered old enough to smoke, but not old enough to vote.  We are gatekeepers for children and young people – of course, this has to be the case, to ensure they are protected where appropriate. […]

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