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I have been involved in a broad range of research topics over my career, including:

  • Education and training
  • Careers and employment
  • Benefit claiming
  • Youth volunteering
  • The use of sports to inspire
  • Leisure activities and products

Such work has covered:

  • Involvement of youth in the research process, including peer interviews
  • Consultations with parents, carers and key stakeholders, such as teachers and service deliverers
  • Discussions with young people with additional learning needs and those in the juvenile secure estate

Specific examples of projects include:

  • National evaluation of enterprise education, for the Department for Education (while at Dubit Limited)
  • Engaging all young people in meaningful learning after 16, for the Equality and Human Rights Commission (while at Dubit Limited)
  • Evaluation of the youth offer, for London Borough of Waltham Forest (subcontracted by Brightpurpose Consulting)
  • Research to inform development of a digital resource on financial lifestyle planning, for the Personal Finance Education Group (while at Dubit Limited)

I have also conducted piloting of my PhD project at the University of Leeds, looking at the impact of enterprise education on the value of the enterprising ‘self’…I am aiming to complete this work once my children have started school.


Here is what others say about Me:

“Working with Laura is a pleasure. Clients can take it as a given that she will be reliable, constructive and insightful”.
Graham Kelly, Director, WOM Research

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